Great Fun or Great Ass Fuck?


The remaining three quarters of the employees working on a temporary or short-term contracts or black without a contract. ILO also found that many employees who do not work full time, have no pensions or social assistance. The study covered the 84% of employees worldwide. Work half-day shifted this full time between 2009 and 2013 in the majority of countries […]

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Some new musical hardcore


he debut album “Incognito” hot star Mihaela Fileva will be … The debut album “Incognito” hot star Mihaela Fileva will be a fact on May 28 (Thursday) when the singer will present it live in Sofia Live Club in accompaniment of musicians Krassimir Todorov – keyboards, Vasil Krumov – guitars and Vasil Vutev – drums. Special guests will be Billy […]

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Joy of fuck


Positive, emotional, unique and bearing a promise of happy moments every day – JOY e most successful women’s magazine in Germany and the top issue in 18 European countries. The magazine was founded in 1995 and immediately stands out in the luxury segment with its revolutionary mini format and a fun character. It all exciting topics for women – fashion, […]

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Playboy hits again with this hottie


Ever since its founding by Hugh Hefner in 1953, Playboy and its logo – a rabbit, are among the most recognizable brands in the world. Today the legendary men’s magazine is published in 28 countries. Since its appearance on our market in 2002 Bulgarian edition continues to be strong and unalterable leader in print and readability among men’s magazines. The […]

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Maxim Hard Core


Maxim’s best-selling men’s magazine in the world – with more than 15 million viewers in 32 Trani worldwide. Each edition of Maxim relies on beautiful girls shot stylized Rotich and moderate nudity date information on the latest products and all topics that excite young man. Maxim shines among the other men’s magazines with uncompromising policy to capture the sexiest girls […]

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Something Kinky


ESQUIRE is a brand aimed at the intelligent and vzis- Cattelan men – those who are not attracted to evti- ing sensations and actually be able to appreciate true style in literature and fashion. ESQUIRE means top quality texts brilliant journalism, exclusive interviews with celebrities, unique photographs. ESQUIRE readers recognize the positive countries of contemporary culture and expect to receive […]

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Grazia or not grazia?


GRAZIA magazine is a magazine for fashion and beauty, whose main goal it is to guide readers on her way to self-improvement and ensures a useful ideas without being intrusive. GRAZIA works for the reader, as it makes her feel part of an elite kind of society that relies primarily on simplicity. And the idea of ​​a youth that does […]

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OK for fun


Magazine OK! It is the largest magazine for stars in the world and in Bulgaria and leader among publications of type fluently, because it combines impartial and exclusive information, very positive attitude towards famous people and unique luxury photo shoots. The newspaper talks about life on the back of a famous elite and elegant way. Trademarks are the rubrics of […]

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Dash Bash


The star of the American Music Idol will be left just the stories. Proof of this is her response on comments k The star of the American Music Idol will be left just the stories. Proof of this is her response on comments Katie Hopkins dismissed her because of the weight of Kelly. Anchorwoman Hopkins wrote in his tweeter – […]

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The best of the red capret


Annual awards Billboard Music Awards are always full of surprises – on and off the red carpet … Annual awards Billboard Music Awards are always full of surprises – on and off the red carpet. On Sunday evening (17 May) stars like Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, Teylar Swift and Iggy Azalea showed incredible outfits before they leave the scene. Jennifer […]

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